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"COMFORT" - for you, dear guests, we provide a comfortable and cozy rooms with all amenities, a cozy bar, a warm welcome, maximum attention and comfort.
The hotel provides temporary accommodation for more than 15 years and during that time have accumulated a lot of experience in welcoming guests. In the rooms we have created an atmosphere of comfort, cleanliness and warmth. Hotel has 27 rooms, which has everything you need for a comfortable stay. Rooms are decorated in different styles of interior, different cost levels in order to take a hospitality of any guest.
Also, breakfast is included with various versions of dishes.
For you, the clock has a café-bar, with the possibility of delivery of meals and drinks in the room.

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Hotel "Comfort" | Kostanay
7 000 KZT
7 000 KZT
2 bed luxury double bed, cable TV, private bathroom, a room in the Baroque style, romantic lighting. 2 bed suite, plasma TV, private bathroom, a...
Hotel "Comfort" | Kostanay
6 500 KZT
6 500 KZT
3 bed, cable TV, renovation, cozy atmosphere.
Hotel "Comfort" | Kostanay
6 000 KZT
6 000 KZT
2 bed suite, cable TV, a cozy, homely atmosphere. 2 bed suite, cable TV, a cozy, homely atmosphere. 2 bed suite, cable TV, private bathroom,...
Hotel "Comfort" | Kostanay
5 000 KZT
5 000 KZT
2 bed, two single beds, cable TV, an interior in warm colors, cozy, homely atmosphere.
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Kostanay, Neighbourhoods; KZHBI, Construction 2
Object orient: printing House
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