1-bedroom apartment in Kostanay, №16123

1-bedroom apartment in Kostanay
42 m2
Sleeping places
This modern and cosy 1-bedroom apartment is located within walking distance of the city center. The apartment is renovated and has a minimum of necessary new furniture. The apartment is designed for 2 people. The kitchen set, dining table, washing machine, microwave, TV LCD, and all necessary utensils. Apartment with hotel services - bed linen, personal hygiene items. For longer stays, cleaning takes place once a week. Payment is accepted by cash or bank transfer (invoice for organizations). All necessary accounting documents. Free Wi-Fi, food delivery. In this apartment you will find everything for a comfortable stay. Our operator will answer your questions in any time. Smoking in the apartment should be in strictly designated areas! Transfer, Discounts for more than 3 days
microwave oven
land line
iron, ironing board
disposable hygiene products
cable TV
soap, shampoo
Beauty salon
Stats total: 6033
Stats month: 42
Stats week: 15
Stats today: 2
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1-bedroom apartment for a day in Kostanay
5 000 KZT
5 000 KZT

1-bedroom apartment for a day in Kostanay

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Kostanay, Gogol street, Gogolya str.
Object orient: Kazakh-French center, park, center, university
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1-bedroom apartment daily
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1-bedroom apartment daily

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1 bedroom daily

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5 000 KZT
Standard price
1 000 KZT
Price hours
Address and contact
Kostanay, Gogol street,
Object orient: Center
Phone number