Studio apartment daily, №2555

Studio apartment daily
40 m2
Sleeping places
Apartment for non-smoking!!! There are plastic, warm balcony. Luxury apartment with euro repair, Wi-Fi internet, design (night New York). Tall, French ceilings, fully furnished, LCD TV, hair dryer, washing machine, air-conditioner (AC), underfloor heating, boiler, fireplace, intercom. Laminate flooring, tiles. Shower (Italy). Cable TV. Next to "Children's World" area, airline ticket office. We provide documents (lease, invoice, prihodnik, patent, certificate of an individual entrepreneur).
microwave oven
washing machine
land line
air conditioning
vacuum cleaner
iron, ironing board
hair dryer
disposable slippers
cable TV
clothes dryer
shower cabin
soap, shampoo
no smoking
no pets
Stats total: 18698
Stats month: 101
Stats week: 22
Stats today: 1
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Studio apartment daily
8 900 KZT
8 900 KZT

Studio apartment daily

Floor: 3, Rooms: 4, Sleeping places: 1
Kostanay, Tolstoy st., Tolstoy
Object orient: Drama Theatre, children's world.
Rent studio apartments in the city center, close to Drum Theatre, Central Square, KSU, TD "Children's World", "Atrium", "MARCH", "French center" and a supermarket "Borodino"....
Apartment for rent, Kostanay
7 500 KZT
7 500 KZT

Apartment for rent, Kostanay

Floor: 1, Rooms: 5, Sleeping places: 1
Kostanay, Altynsarin st., Altynsarin
Object orient: Jean feces. honey. Pearl Center, Mag. Sunflower
Completely new apartment in a luxury residential complex "Zhana Kala" (5 minutes from the city center). At this point - this is the most respectable...
1-room apartment Kostanay
8 000 KZT
8 000 KZT

1-room apartment Kostanay

Floor: 2, Rooms: 5, Sleeping places: 1
Kostanay, Al-Faraby st., Al-Farabi
Object orient: Kolos shop
Comfortable modern apartment in Kostanay. Author's design, the new comfortable furniture. There is an equipped kitchen with everything that necessary for cooking. The bathroom has...
One roomed apartment by the day
7 500 KZT
7 500 KZT

One roomed apartment by the day

Floor: 1, Rooms: 5, Sleeping places: 1
Kostanay, Altynsarin st., Altynsarin str.
Object orient: Mag. "Sunflower", m. JANA KALA
Apartments "MARS" * Locations - Zhana-Kala! * Ideal cleanliness. * Wi-Fi. * Number of beds 3 RESTROOM * Euro-Sofa (for two persons) * Air conditioning...
one-room apartment
8 000 KZT
8 000 KZT

one-room apartment

Floor: 3, Rooms: 5, Sleeping places: 1
Kostanay, Altynsarin st., Povlova str.
We are pleased to offer you accommodation in our one-room apartment in Kostanai. Modern design. We provide discounts for guests who stay longer than 3...
1-bedroom LUX apartment
7 500 KZT
7 500 KZT

1-bedroom LUX apartment

Floor: 6, Rooms: 10, Sleeping places: 1
Kostanay, Neighbourhoods; KZHBI, 9
Luxury 1 bedroom apartment in Kustanai for daily and hourly rent. 9 md, next to the 15 store. A new home, a spacious studio apartment...
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8 000 KZT
Standard price
2 000 KZT
Price hours
Address and contact
Kostanay, Tarana st., Al-Farabi
Object orient: Atrium, Children world, The Square
Phone number