1 bedroom apartment daily, №17181

1 bedroom apartment daily
42 m2
Sleeping places
An apartment with chic renovation in new living complex Zhana Kala is rented! For your convenient we equipped the apartment with everything what you need for comfortable staying - modern furniture, all household appliances, high-speed wireless internet. Convenient location (near the center of the city), well-developed infrastructure will leave a good impression. Also there is a secure parking in the courtyard. We provide all necessary documents for business travellers. Discounts are available!
microwave oven
washing machine
iron, ironing board
disposable slippers
cable TV
shower cabin
no smoking
issue an invoice
Beauty salon
Automated Teller Machine
Indoor parking (paid)
Street parking
Clothing store
Children's playground
Stats total: 4720
Stats month: 100
Stats week: 32
Stats today: 3
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6 800 KZT
Standard price
Address and contact
Kostanay, Abay Avenue, Leonid Beda
Object orient: crosiing Abay str. and Beda str.
Phone number