1-bedroom apartment daily, №15249

1-bedroom apartment daily
30 m2
Sleeping places
Cozy studio apartment in the heart of the city of Kostanay. It is rented daily, at night and hourly. Nearby there is the Central Department Store, shopping and entertainment center MART, cafes and restaurants. The apartment has everything you need: TV, DVD with USB, internet WI-FI, water heater, all necessary kitchen equipment. For guests of our apartments there are available: a set of perfectly clean bed linen and towels, slippers, in addition to this - shampoo, shower gel, liquid soap, toothpaste and disposable toothbrushes. Apartment is rented strictly for 2 people or business travelers. Smoking is prohibited in the apartment (smoking permitted on the balcony). Nearby there are parking lots.
microwave oven
land line
vacuum cleaner
iron, ironing board
hair dryer
disposable hygiene products
disposable slippers
cable TV
clothes dryer
soap, shampoo
no smoking
no pets
parking place
issue an invoice
Beauty salon
Automated Teller Machine
Indoor parking (paid)
Street parking
Air ticket office
Clothing store
Shopping center
Children's playground
Notary officer
Stats total: 4905
Stats month: 245
Stats week: 90
Stats today: 7
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1-bedroom apartment in Kostanai
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1-bedroom apartment in Kostanai

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1-bedroom apartment daily
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1-bedroom apartment daily

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A studio apartment for rent. Hourly, daily, weekly. Clean and comfortable. Available: Stove, refrigerator, tea and more. There is an option for 2-bedroom apartment seconded.
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1-bedroom apartment daily
5 000 KZT
5 000 KZT

1-bedroom apartment daily

Floor: 1, Rooms: 1, Sleeping places: 1
Kostanay, Gogol street, Mayakovskogo str.
Object orient: School №20
Cozy 1 bedroom apartment with all amenities in Kostanai. It comfortably accommodates up to 2 people.
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5 500 KZT
Standard price
1 000 KZT
Price hours
Address and contact
Kostanay, Gogol street, Abaya ave.
Object orient: shop "Rahat", CDS, "MART"
Phone number