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Inexpensive hostel from 1200 tenge per person per night! You can choose from 2-D and 4-bed room. Budget Accommodation in the hostel was made possible because, as the cost is distributed among guests. Accommodation in our hostel much cheaper in comparison with competitors. This low cost had no effect on the high quality of rendered services. To make your reservation you can contact the manager by phone or e-mail. The hostel is located in the city center, 2 minutes from the stop Roundhouse, travel routes № 1,5,11,19,20,22,29,36,38,45. Stop locomotive depot (for "Crown" shop). A 5-minute drive from KAZIITU, 10 minutes from the railway station.
 For the convenience of living in our inexpensive accommodation includes a seating area with a plasma TV. In the kitchen, you can cook a meal, which will also save money. At the disposal of guests free WI-FI, shower.
 Administrators are always happy to come to your aid and help in solving any

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Hostel "HOME HOSTEL" | Uralsk
1 200 KZT
1 200 KZT
Quadruple room for men and women. Room size 19 square meters. Each guest individually lockable cabinet.
Hostel "HOME HOSTEL" | Uralsk
2 500 KZT
2 500 KZT
Standard double room with 1 bed and a shared shower. The area of 19 sq.m.
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Address and contact
Uralsk, Railway station, pr. Abul Khair Khan 2/9
Object orient: Roundhouse
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