2-bedroom apartment daily, №5747

2-bedroom apartment daily
50 m2
Sleeping places
2-bedroom apartment located in the center of Karaganda region of N. Abdirov Ave, 1000 details, Suites, separate rooms, kitchen of 12 square meters. The apartment has a good modern renovation, new furniture. Home Appliances: 81 diagonal plasma TV (cable), DVD, washing machine, refrigerator, microwave, telephone. Very comfortable, light and clean. In summer, the apartment is not stuffy. In case of disconnection of hot water, there is titanium. Loggia is glazed plastic overlooking the central avenue bedroom window into the yard, where it is very quiet. For long stay discounts are available. The apartment does not give a party! The apartment is non-smoking. Day -8000 tg., Hour - 1300 tg.
microwave oven
washing machine
vacuum cleaner
iron, ironing board
TV with foreign channels
clothes dryer
shower cabin
soap, shampoo
no smoking
no pets
parking place
Beauty salon
Automated Teller Machine
Street parking
Air ticket office
Swiming pool
Fitness center
Notary officer
Stats total: 4324
Stats month: 83
Stats week: 22
Stats today: 5
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8 000 KZT
Standard price
Address and contact
Karaganda, Erubayeva st.,
Object orient: club "Voice"
Phone number