2 BR. apartment, №21713

2 BR. apartment
43 m2
Sleeping places
Rent 2-bedroom. The apartment is in the heart of the city, with the TH "Abzal". Near Department Store, DC, through the station at 1-stop. Sleeps - 4. The apartment has everything necessary for comfortable living: household appliances, bed, stove, washing machine, all utensils necessary for cooking and eating, iron, ironing board, hair dryer, Wi-Fi, telephone, clean linens and towels. There are hygienic disposable toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shower gel, shampoo, disposable slippers. And sponge for shoes, and so on. D. Very clean and cozy. Easy access to transportation, parking. A few steps from the house is TD "Abzal", which has a supermarket, "Southern" working up to 22 hours, ATMs, as well as the stop of many bus routes. Cafes, restaurants, banks - all within walking distance. Travelers offer a full package of documents: invoice, fiscal receipt, certificate of completion. We accept payment by means of transfer. We accept reservations by phone. Arrivals from 5 nights - transfer (delivery to the home) for free. In the room there is an asset vatsap. Call, write! We will be very glad to meet you!
microwave oven
washing machine
land line
vacuum cleaner
iron, ironing board
hair dryer
disposable hygiene products
cable TV
shower cabin
water/tea/coffee, sugar, solt
soap, shampoo
no smoking
issue an invoice
Beauty salon
Automated Teller Machine
Street parking
Air ticket office
Clothing store
Shopping center
Swiming pool
Fitness center
Children's playground
Notary officer
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Stats month: 95
Stats week: 25
Stats today: 2
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7 000 KZT
Standard price
Address and contact
Karaganda, CUM (central store), Bukhar zhyrau ave.
Object orient:
Phone number