Reisdent City

Reisdent City
We would like to present you the new Resident City hotel in Almaty 4* (official opening on December 6, 2019). Resident city 4* is an ideal choice for business people and tourists of the city, where Eastern hospitality is intertwined with European quality. Located in the center of Almaty, the 8-storey hotel offers a chic and modern environment for the most discerning guests! The Resident City hotel has 86 rooms that are designed and inspired by its own design team and reflect the unique elements of Resident-modern, innovative and comfortable. The team has also carefully created a series of comfortable and well-equipped rooms to find the most suitable option for you. The Resident city hotel is located in the center of Almaty, 23 Zheltoksan street, next to the lively Arbat, and this is a favorite place for evening walks of Almaty residents and guests of the city. Raymbek Batyr metro station and Almaty-2 train station are also within walking distance of the hotel. The pearl of the hotel "Resident Ballroom" guarantees the exclusivity of Your event. In which we have collected all the best to create a special atmosphere. A large luxury hall in the heart of the city.
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Almaty, Almalinskiy dist., Zheltoksan 23
Object orient: Arbat
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