Hotel "Royal Petrol"


At Rayimbek, 432, in a new 5-storey building, opened the hotel "Royal Petrol hotel".
This hotel offers standard and deluxe rooms.
All rooms have telephone, telephone in the bathroom, LCD TV, mini-bar, safe, shower, hair dryer and all the necessary accessories to stay at the level of international standard.
On the ground floor has a cafe-bar and parking. You can also use the services of reservations 11-seater minibus brand "Toyota HIANCE". We are pleased to offer a laundry service. Internet access is included in the room rate.
The friendly and attentive hotel staff, reasonable prices, will definitely catch your attention, and homely atmosphere will make you feel at home.

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Hotel "Royal Petrol"
16 000 KZT
16 000 KZT
Single Room, made in the "warm" colors and creates a sense of comfort.
Hotel "Royal Petrol"
21 000 KZT
21 000 KZT
LUX room, made in the "warm" colors and creates a sense of comfort, equipped in accordance with modern standards.
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Address and contact
Almaty, Auezovskiy dist., 432 Raiymbek av.
Object orient: Kazakhstan Road Institute
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