Hotel "Dovlatov"


Rooms are equipped with plasma TVs, home appliances, furniture, cable TV, wi-fi. Hotel provides safety
CCTV security organization. Low prices. Great location 2 minutes away from the airport. Rooms are cleaned specialized personnel.
The meeting, with customers seeing the Airport. The full package of documents for reporting.
Comfortable rooms for our dear customers. Our apartments will immerse you in a world of warmth and comfort. All necessary amenities in the room will help to spend time comfortably.

Beauty salon
Street parking
Air ticket office
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Hotel "Dovlatov"
7 000 KZT
7 000 KZT
Cosy double room. The room accommodates up to 2 people and equipped with all the amenities.
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Address and contact
Almaty, Turksibskiy dist., 28 Mailin str
Object orient: 2 minutes from the Airport
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