Traveler Hostel

Traveler Hostel
Separate entrance: There is, Number of bathrooms: 2
Man room, Women room
Traveler Hostel, located in Almaty. Location city center, near such attractions as Atakent, Botanical Garden, South Park, Presidential Park, Mega center of Almaty. The hostel itself is fenced, consists of two residential floors, one room for families and people who want a separate room, two shared eight-bed men's and a shared female 8-bed. The amenities include high-speed internet, two bathrooms and one shower room, sauna, and satellite TV. A large refrigerator, a kitchen for eating, a guest room for relaxing, board games and reading.
Street parking
Shopping center
Stats total: 413
Stats month: 31
Stats week: 8
Stats today: 2
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Almaty, ,
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