Stella Hostel

Stella Hostel
Separate entrance: There is, Number of bathrooms: 1
Every tourist plans his trip in advance. It is important enough to choose the place where You will feel comfortable. Our Hostel opens its doors to all guests of Almaty, in the heart of the southern Capital. What is important? First of all , it is Your comfort and Your safety. It offers a private area with a beautiful garden, where, if desired, You can walk and collect apples, pears and other treats. All rooms are equipped with beds, lockers for storage of personal belongings. We are also ready to offer family rooms. There is a spacious kitchen, which You can use. We appreciate and love all our guests. We wish You a pleasant stay in our small but cozy Hostel. Private Parking! Bed in dormitory room -1500 Number two local 4600(day per room) Double room with separate beds 4600(per room per night)
Street parking
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Almaty, Zhetisuskiy dist., Natarova 41
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