Om hostel in Almaty

Om hostel in Almaty
Separate entrance: There is, Number of bathrooms: 1
Man room, Women room
Dear friends! We offer you comfortable accommodation in Almaty for 1200 tg per day! If you pay the entire amount immediately you will get discont as 24 000 tenge per month! Address: Almaty, Ormanov, 15A / Tole bi (Gorky Park area) .: +77012441050 For such a low price you get COMFORT: 1. AIR-CONDITIONERS in each room. 2. Bed linen. 3. Towel. 4. Slippers. 5. Comfortable beds for people large and small. 6.Individualized metal cabinets-safes. 7. 24-hour security. 8. Wi-Fi throughout the hostel. 9. Since this is a private house, we have a garden and a courtyard where you can relax from the city bustle after a day's work. 10. Bus stop right next to our hostel. 11. trestle-bed which is 25 square meters! If desired, you can sleep in a couch in the street! Welcome! With love, OM HOSTEL
Street parking
Children's playground
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Address and contact
Almaty, , Ormanov
Object orient: Gorky park
Phone number