Hostel "Orange"

Separate entrance: There is, Number of bathrooms: 4
Man room, Women room
Hostel "Orange" offers quality hotel services, comfortable accommodation at reasonable prices. The hostel is spacious, there are no queues anywhere. It is pleasant to note that Art Hostel "Orange", is a certified hostel and meets all the requirements and standards provided for this type of activity. We always have cleanliness and order! We hope that having visited us, you will like the author's interior design, cinema with a large screen, thoughtful space in the rooms, a large and comfortable kitchen-dining room, a spacious, cozy lounge area. We have a great location, we are located in the heart of the city, in the elite residential complex "Keremet". Beside: • Republic Square (New Square) • BC "Nurly Tau" • SEC "FORUM" (opposite) • Central Stadium • University "Turan" • University "Polytechnic them. Satpayev" • University "AUPET" • Shopping center "Dostyk Plaza" Services included in the price: • Free Wi-Fi • Daily wet cleaning • Spacious rooms, fresh renovation and great design. • Large recreation area, a lot of board games • Coworking Zone
Beauty salon
Indoor parking (paid)
Street parking
Shopping center
Children's playground
Stats total: 6731
Stats month: 74
Stats week: 17
Stats today: 4
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Address and contact
Almaty, Bostandikskiy dist., Keremet, building 7 building 33, According to Seyfullin above Satpayev on the left side
Object orient: 20/5000 Naprotiv TRTS "Forum" Opposite the shopping center "Forum"
Phone number