Hostel "FIVESEASONS" | Almaty

Separate entrance: There is, Number of bathrooms: 1
Man room, Women room

Hostel "FiveSeasons" - is a three-storey building located in Almaty city downtown, where most of the major business and administrative centers. Located on one of the main streets of the city street Timiryazev. A 10 minute walk from the Five Seasons is located: Republic Square, Palace of Sports, one of the stations Metro, Central Stadium, Botanical Garden, the University named after Al-Farabi Kazakh National University and many other attractions. Our hotel offers 23 comfortable rooms, among which there are hostel rooms with very flexible pricing.

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Hostel "FIVESEASONS" | Almaty
2 500 KZT
2 500 KZT
Hostel for four. Features 4 single beds, wardrobe, table and chairs and a bathroom with WC.
Hostel "FIVESEASONS" | Almaty
2 500 KZT
2 500 KZT
All amenities for your comfortable stay
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Almaty, Bostandikskiy dist., A Markov 46
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