Friendly hostel & hotel

Friendly hostel & hotel
Number of bathrooms: 3
Hostel/hotel "Friendly hotel & hostel" is located in the heart of Almaty. In the vicinity are: the Palace of the Republic, the hotel Kazakhstan, Republic Square, cable car stop on Kok-Tobe, "Friendly hostel & hotel" is located in a large, bright, two-level Penthouse balconies which offers a beautiful view of Kok-Tobe and the mountains of Zailiyskiy Alatau. There is a bright and cozy Suite room, which is equipped with all necessary furniture and a TV with cable TV. The hostel has 7-seater and 10-seater halls. There is also free Wi-Fi, a large kitchen-Studio with dining room, Laundry, Luggage storage, mini library, Parking. Behind the house flows the river "Malaya Almatinka", we tried to create a home comfort combined with a beautiful view of the mountains. At the request of the client, additional services are available for a fee: meals, tours Kok-Tobe, Medeo, Big Almaty lake, around the city.
Beauty salon
Automated Teller Machine
Street parking
Air ticket office
Clothing store
Shopping center
Concert Hall
Swiming pool
Fitness center
Children's playground
Football field
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Stats month: 41
Stats week: 15
Stats today: 1
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Address and contact
Almaty, Medeuskiy dist., Almaty, ul. Lugansk, d. 5, sq. 44
Object orient: palace of Republic
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