Residence "Kazyna"


Saunas with wood, sauna, meeting and accommodation, an indoor swimming pool and Russian billiards, karaoke, hookah, excellent cuisine, a bar, massage services, and bathers. Event turnkey deliveries

Street parking
Swiming pool
Fitness center
Children's playground
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Stats month: 39
Stats week: 11
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Category room
Residence "Kazyna"
100 000 KZT
100 000 KZT
Meeting and accommodation, bath with wood, sauna, indoor pool and Russian billiards, karaoke, hookah, kitchen, bar, indoor secured parking, fireplace, massage services and a guy.
Residence "Kazyna"
150 000 KZT
150 000 KZT
Meeting and accommodation of VIP - persons. In addition to the accommodation, guests can also enjoy free services. Wood-fired sauna, Finnish sauna, massage room, fireplace,...
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Address and contact
Almaty, Auezovskiy dist., Mustafina 124
Object orient: Taugul 3
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