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For outdoor enthusiasts, but got used to sleeping in a bed - an excellent room with its own balcony overlooking the forest, private bathrooms, TV and a large double bed.
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The hotel complex "Zeren Tour" | Zerenda
18 000 KZT
18 000 KZT
Spacious two-room suite in the main hotel building. The room has a balcony overlooking the forest, TV, WC. It offers all the services of the...
The hotel complex "Zeren Tour" | Zerenda
10 000 KZT
10 000 KZT
House at the coast with a private terrace with barbecue and facilities on the street. Well suited for outdoor enthusiasts "savages", with a comfortable sleep...
The hotel complex "Zeren Tour" | Zerenda
4 000 KZT
4 000 KZT
A small house, instead of tents to rest "savages". On the street there is a self-made wash basin, around the trees and the beach. House...
12 000 KZT
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Zerenda, RC "Zeren", village Zerenda
Object orient: The first rest area, just after the village
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