The recreation area "Nomad" | Zerenda

Cottage with fireplace

Cottage with fireplace
Sleeping places
Excellent cottage for the whole family or for a large and friendly company! The room fireplace, the hall itself and the patient comfortable. On the second floor are two bedrooms. Two storey cottage 40,000 tg / day (8-10 people), half days of 20 000 The dining room menu Check-out time from the date of entry 14 00 13 30 the next day "Half a Day" - 12 hours of arrival.
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Stats month: 35
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The recreation area "Nomad" | Zerenda
15 000 KZT
15 000 KZT
4-bed house 15,000 tg / day, 8000 - half a day. A great house for a family of 3-4 people. Good for outdoor activities, has...
The recreation area "Nomad" | Zerenda
10 000 KZT
10 000 KZT
2-bed house 10,000 tg / day, 5000 - half a day. Wonderful house for rent for two people! Nice vacation, all the amenities!
40 000 KZT
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Zerenda, RC "Zeren", v. Zerenda
Object orient: after the rest house "Zeren"
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