"Sayakhat" hotel | Uralsk

 Hotel "Sayakhat" locates at the center of Uralsk. Guests are invited to visit the elegant restaurant, cafe and billiard center. Hotel "Sayakhat" has a business center that includes all the services and a spacious conference hall - the best olace for any business meeting or conference. Each hotel room of "Sayakhat" in Uralsk is equipped with TV, refrigerator. Suites have cable TV. All the amenities.


Stats total: 45001
Stats month: 151
Stats week: 52
Stats today: 3
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Uralsk, Masin st., 38 Dostyk st.
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Address and contact
Uralsk, Masin st., 38 Dostyk st.
Object orient: corner of Masin st., Pantera night club
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