two-room apartment, №1800

two-room apartment
87 m2
Sleeping places
The flat is after the renovation, wooden flour, carpets. The flat is furnished and equipped with all the domestic appliances. We can meet you at the airport of Tumen and the railway station. The booking of flat is free. The discount is available after 3-days stay.
Stats total: 10220
Stats month: 22
Stats week: 6
Stats today: 1
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1-bedroom apartment daily
1 500 KZT
1 500 KZT

1-bedroom apartment daily

Floor: 3, Rooms: 10, Sleeping places: 2
Tyumen, East district, Shirotnaya str.
Object orient: 66-th school
1-bedroom apartment daily and hourly. The apartment is located in a pleasant area with developed infrastructure. The condition is excellent, fresh quality repairs. There are...
Apartment by the day
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1 800 KZT

Apartment by the day

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There is rental apartment which fully improved with renovation. There are all appliances, including 2 TVs, 5 berths.
Reviews: 2
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Trevor, 00:30, 6 Jul 2011 I recommend
Is this flat available now.. please contact me
Joel Adams, 00:15, 23 Apr 2011 I recommend
How do i contact you by email? I cannot speak much russian and it would be easier online. Joel
1 600 KZT
Standard price
Address and contact
Tyumen, Center, Kotelshikov str.
Object orient:
Phone number