The hotel "Sultan" | Taraz

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Comfortable hotel rooms at "Sultan" hotel are the best for your accomodation in Tqaraz. The hotel rooms are equipped with all the the communications for more comfortable staying. The hotel is located near "Astana" restaurant and "Mika" cafe in Taraz.

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Category room hotel
The hotel "Sultan" | Taraz
8 000 KZT
8 000 KZT
Spacious room, equipped with three beds, it full correspond to the level of rooms of this category.
The hotel "Sultan" | Taraz
11 000 KZT
11 000 KZT
Comfortable and spacious room, the interior of which is decorated in a classical style. There is double bed, bedside tables, wardrobe, sofa.
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Address and contact
Taraz, Etc. Zhambyl; Satpayev, 166 Abay ave.
Object orient: Astana restaurant
Phone number