SEQUOIA boutique hotel , SEQUOIA boutique hotel

SEQUOIA boutique hotel , SEQUOIA boutique hotel
SEQUOIA is a boutique hotel standard HALAL! * Convenient location in the city Our hotel is located in a very convenient location, just 15 minutes from the Airport and a couple of kilometers from the railway station, close to several main avenues and historical attractions, which allows you to quickly get to your destination . It takes only 10 minutes to walk to the Central square OR Taraz MART shopping center. * 7 comfortable rooms with modern equipment The rooms have a large double king size bed, shower, LCD TV +satellite (more than 60 channels), air conditioning Wi-Fi free, personal hygiene items and disposable Slippers, upon request, the guest is provided with a hair dryer/iron and other accessories. Breakfast is included in the price! * Exclusive style of each room The interior of The boutique hotel "SEQUOIA" immerses guests in completely different interiors, which were created with the help of numerous style ideas and design solutions, which allows you to choose rooms not only according to the level of comfort, but also according to the mood!
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Taraz, , Kurmanbekova 3 a
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