"Nursaya" hotel

"Nursaya" hotel of Taraz has 17 equipped hotel rooms. There are 7 standard rooms, 6 double suites, 2 single suites, 2 rooms of vip class. Located in the heart of the city "Nursaya" hotel is the best for tourists and business travelers of Taraz. Hotel ervices include sauna, pool and restaurant with European cuisine.

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Stats month: 85
Stats week: 21
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"Nursaya" hotel
36 000 KZT
36 000 KZT
Elegant room is divided into a guest room and a bedroom. There ia a double bed, bedside tables, sofa and other furniture. All guests staying...
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Taraz, Etc. Zhambyl; Satpayev, 139-a Abay ave.
Object orient: center
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