Hotel "Meruert" | Taldykorgan


 Conveniently located hotel "Meruert" in Taldykorgan offers cozy hotel rooms. Each room is equipped with cable TV, shower, air conditioning. Clean and cozy. There is a "Meruert" restaurant, cafe and bowling at the hotel. Bus terminal of Taldykorgan is nearby.


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Funclub - Poland , 00:32, 26 Jun 2012 I recommend
Dear Sirs, I would like to ask about the availability of accomodation in Taldykorgan , for a group of 50 people,HB included. I am interested in the period betwen 3-5.07.2012 - 2 nights Thank you in advance. I am lookinf forward to hear from you soon. Milosz Van Gielle Ruppe Biuro podróży Funclub
Address and contact
Taldykorgan, Zhabayev st., 119 Zhabayev st.
Object orient: Bus terminal
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