"Irbis" hotel, Taldykorgan

 New hotel "Irbis" is located in Taldykorgan. The hotel offers wide range of servises: restaurant with summer terrace, sauna, billiard room, bowling. Comfortable hotel rooms are equipped with all the amenities. Suites have a Jacuzzi and fireplace. The best choice of accommodation for guests of Taldykorgan.

Stats total: 31139
Stats month: 38
Stats week: 4
Stats today: 1
The hotel also offers
Taldykorgan, Zhansugurov st., Zhansugurov st.
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Address and contact
Taldykorgan, Zhansugurov st., Zhansugurov st.
Object orient: Zhastar park, Almaty - Taldykorgan highway
Phone number