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"Almaty" is a hotel complex of Taldykorgan that includes a wonderful restaurant and comfortable single and double hotel rooms. Each room of "Almaty" hotel, Taldykorgan is equipped with comfortable furniture, cable TV, shower, telephone. Friendly personnel, high quality of service. At the restaurant you can taste the dishes of national Kazakh and European cuisine.

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Joshua, 15:31, 28 Apr 2012 I recommend
Hey guys, I've been in Takdykorgan for my business trip. Originally I am from Australia. You know what this is good hotel with brilliant hospitality. why "good" hotel? well, it compare to world known hotels, BUT "big BUT" my business partners advised me to go and have a look for the best hotels in town and first I was dissapointed what hotels offer.However, hotel "Almaty" was the best among others. Therefore, I highly advise you to go for it.
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Taldykorgan, Zhabayev st., 259 Zheltoksan st.
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