Double room
Sleeping places
A cozy double room equipped with twin beds, bedside tables, wardrobe and other furniture.
cable TV
shower cabin
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Other room types
"Saya" hotel, Shymkent
6 000 KZT
6 000 KZT
One bedroom suite features one King bed. This suite is fully equipped and includes a refrigerator, a TV. This suite provides a private bedroom and...
"Saya" hotel, Shymkent
5 000 KZT
5 000 KZT
Spacious, stylish rooms equipped with all necessary for comfortable rest. The bathroom is equipped with shower cabin.
"Saya" hotel, Shymkent
3 500 KZT
3 500 KZT
Small single rooms which can accommodate one person. The room is equipped with a single bed, a bedside table and other necessary furniture.
4 000 KZT
Standard price
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Shymkent, Str. Baitursynov, 75v Baitursynov st.
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