Hotel "Bes Bala"


New, cozy hotel in Shymkent "Bes Bala" invites guests to stay in a cozy and comfortable rooms. The hotel is located in the busy district of Shymkent. Near the hotel building there is a full of cafés, shops, salons, pharmacies. The hotel is a combination of luxury and comfort. There are 6 deluxe rooms, all rooms are double rooms: 4 suites, 1 room - super-suites and 1 VIP-room. Each room is equipped with new comfortable furniture, comfortable beds, a TV with cable channels. All conditions for your comfort away from home.

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Hotel "Bes Bala"
15 000 KZT
15 000 KZT
This cozy room you can watch TV, have a cup of tea and relax from a busy day in our city.
Hotel "Bes Bala"
20 000 KZT
20 000 KZT
For the most demanding clients, we offer a suite with a living room and a bedroom. Spacious living room suitable for business meetings, and a...
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