guest house HAY

guest house HAY
Ladies and gentlemen! For you, in a quiet, pleasant area of ​​Shymkent is a guest house. On the 1st floor fireplace room 60kv, the capacity of guests in the fireplace room 20-25 people, bathroom, kitchen (in the presence of the necessary utensils, appliances). On the 2nd floor there are 3 bedrooms with a bathroom. The courtyard with pool and waterfall. Here you can spend kudalyki, birthdays, corporate parties, to settle guests or travel. Paperwork. As well as a wellness sauna with additional spa treatments, in the same yard. At your disposal: a cook, cable TV, free Wi-Fi, secure parking. Cuisine: Home, National, Russian, snacks and bar.
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guest house HAY
6 000 KZT
6 000 KZT
Dear guests and business travelers who came to relax for a few days! in downtown Shymkent we offer you clean and comfortable 1-2-3 bedroom apartments...
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Shymkent, Center, Str. Akpan Batyr 152
Object orient: supermarket Firkai
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