Hotel "NomAD" | Semipalatinsk

Restaurant «Dastur»

Restaurant «Dastur»
There is a Lounge style restaurant «Dastur» on the second floor of the hotel. The chef of the restaurant can offer you dishes of National, European, East, Chinese cuisine and the bar - set of elite drinks produced by world famous brands factories. There is always a present from the chief - cooker waiting for our guests. Tea ceremony offers the big assortment of elite grades tea: "dairy", "young green", "bilberry", "the Hawaiian cocktail", "a blossom out lotus", "rejuvenating". Cosy condition and stylish design of the restaurant «Dastur» is supplemented with a white grand piano. You can spend there unforgettable evening enjoying the masterpieces of classical music. The highest level of service and hospitality is an integral part of the restaurant personnel.
Address and contact
Semey, center, 149 Ibrayev st.
Object orient: city center
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