"Alina" hotel

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"Alina" hotel
5 500 KZT
5 500 KZT
This is the spacious room. There is wardrobe, a shower and toilet. Cable TV.
"Alina" hotel
3 000 KZT
3 000 KZT
Room allows you to relax from the fuss of the city and immerse in the atmosphere of peace. The room can accomodate two persons. Shower...
"Alina" hotel
4 500 KZT
4 500 KZT
This is comfortable room with a large double bed. The room is equipped with all necessary. Toilet is in the room.
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Tony Lonc, 22:48, 12 Dec 2013 I recommend
Could I book a junior suite: arrival Saturday 14th Dec evening departure Tuesday 17th December morning How far is your hotel from the railway station? Please reply to my email: Please reply soon.
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Semey, Dulatov st., 158 Dulatov st.
Object orient: Market
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