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Hotel "Arystan" is located in one of the city's comfortable districts Rudny. Not far away are the central shops, a supermarket, a sports center, an ice rink, honey. town. It offers 20 cozy rooms of different price categories. You will be pleasantly surprised by a comfortable environment for recreation. There is a bathroom, air conditioning, cable TV, refrigerator, Wi-Fi. In our hotel you can have a good time with friends or family. Modern saunas -Turkish, big, small, multi-level swimming pool with water purification, counterflow and a waterfall. Powered cafe, grocery store, laundry. The hotel territory is fenced, visitors to the hotel parking lot twenty-four hours. Possible passage of trucks. Welcome to the hotel complex "ARYSTAN"!

Stats total: 44272
Stats month: 211
Stats week: 67
Stats today: 3
The hotel also offers
A cafe
A cafe
Rudniy, District Cuma, 188 Volodarsky st.
-breakfast -dinner -dinner
Rudniy, District Cuma, 188 Volodarsky st.
family -sauna -sauna for large companies
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Address and contact
Rudniy, District Cuma, 188 Volodarsky st.
Object orient: 13 mcr. dstr, Mercury supermarket
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