"Sapsan" hotel

"Sapsan" hotel offers comfortable hotel rooms for all visitants of Pavlodar town. There is a cafe of national and European kitchen. The prices are affordable.

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"Sapsan" hotel
18,000 KZT
18,000 KZT
Suite room is one of the most expensive rooms in the hotel. The Suite consists of several rooms, bedroom and living room. Suite room is...
"Sapsan" hotel
10,000 KZT
10,000 KZT
The room has a double bed. Cozy chairs arranged around a coffee table, which makes it possible to relax reading or watching TV with the...
"Sapsan" hotel
6,000 KZT
6,000 KZT
A comfortable room with an elegant interior. The room comfortable double bed, wardrobe, TV.
The hotel also offers
, Sawmill, Omsk route, 1/1 3-rd new driveway, Lesozavod
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Address and contact
Pavlodar, Sawmill, Omsk route, 1/1 3-rd new driveway, Lesozavod
Object orient: 3-rd road driveway
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