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Small Hotel "Cairo" - is located in a quiet area of the city of Kyzylorda railway, on the right bank of the unbridled, wild, gave life to all living in this region of the Syrdarya river. Location allows you to quickly and easily get to the station and to other gos.uchrezhdeny and entertainment facilities.
Among the attractions of our region Baikonur space harbor, memorial complex Korkyt Ata Mosque Aytbaya passing route of the Silk Road and many more.

The good-natured, professional staff worked for each administrator for more than 7 years, indicating that the stability of the work.

Cozy and comfortable rooms; all the furniture is made of natural wood, comfort, each room is unique and filled with oriental style.
It offers clients 9 rooms including 6 junior suites, 3 simple rooms. Rooms small, so to each client an individual approach.
Price flexible policy. A system of discounts, depending on the timing of residence. Regular customers receive a discount of 10 percent.

Stats total: 9543
Stats month: 151
Stats week: 52
Stats today: 5
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Kyzylorda, Aitbayev st., ul.Aytbaeva, 29
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