2-room apartment for daily rent in the center, №28741

2-room apartment for daily rent in the center
46 m2
Sleeping places

Without intermediaries! Apartment - from the owners. There is absolutely everything.   2-room. sq. m. in the center of the city of Kokshetau (District of the Business Center, HH, Halyk Bank, Kazkommertsbank, s / w No. 2, magician "Story-Mart"), 2nd floor, middle, 44 sq.m. Very warm brick house, glazed balcony, all counters, wooden floors, (isolated rooms), the windows face the sunny and shady sides, the bathroom is separate. Apartment FULLY furnished: Refrigerator 2-chamber, Washing machine, Upholstered furniture, Journal table, Chairs, Wall, Closet, Hallway. Wallpaper, linoleum, tile; hot water (Ariston 80L), telephone, cable TV, Internet (Wai-Fai), own staircase and access lighting. Nearby stops, routes - in any district of the city, car parks, wholesale and retail shops, notaries, a round-the-clock discount pharmacy (in our house), Base Point No. 2.

microwave oven
washing machine
cable TV
TV with foreign channels
clothes dryer
shower cabin
soap, shampoo
no smoking
parking place
issue an invoice
Beauty salon
Automated Teller Machine
Indoor parking (paid)
Street parking
Air ticket office
Clothing store
Shopping center
Concert Hall
Swiming pool
Fitness center
Children's playground
Football field
Notary officer
Stats total: 3059
Stats month: 66
Stats week: 5
Stats today: 1
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6 000 KZT
Standard price
Address and contact
Kokshetau, Auyelbekov st., Auelbekova
Object orient: Business center
Phone number