The recreation area "Glade" | Karkaralinsk

The recreation area
hree two-level houses, on the first floor there are two double rooms with separate entrances, the second number is an attic. Each house has a covered veranda. There is light, water, barbecues, places for fire, firewood. Always clean bed linen. Nearby there is a reserve with bison, deer, maral, and also the Museum of Nature with stuffed animals and birds inhabiting the Karkaraly nature park. The yurts are also installed on the territory of the zone, which can be removed.
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The recreation area "Glade" | Karkaralinsk
2 000 KZT
2 000 KZT
A lodge for rest, there is everything inside for a pleasant pastime. The room has two beds, a large veranda. For experienced holidaymakers on the...
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Karkaralinsk, Karkaralinsk, Entry into Tas Bulak
Object orient: Rotate Tas Bulak
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