Holiday "Medeo" | Karkaralinsk


Medeo holiday home is located near lake Pashino . The holiday home has rooms of various comfort levels, from standard rooms to VIP rooms . The rooms offer scenic views of forests and mountain peaks . Fishing enthusiasts can enjoy perch and pike fishing. For more information, please call: 8-701-982-89-72.
- shower (cold, hot water) on site;
- illuminated Parking for cars;
- lighted barbecues;
- from dishes: pots, frying pan , cauldron;
- shared refrigerator;
-gas stove ;
Check-in from 14: 00.
Check out before 13: 00.

Street parking
Children's playground
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Stats month: 221
Stats week: 38
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Holiday "Medeo" | Karkaralinsk
7 500 KZT
7 500 KZT
on the ground-floor room has a terrace with wooden table and benches. This room includes: - of furniture, a single bed with a box for...
Holiday "Medeo" | Karkaralinsk
5 500 KZT
5 500 KZT
This room overlooks the lake Paschen. This room includes: - of furniture, a single bed with a box for things, a double bed with a...
Holiday "Medeo" | Karkaralinsk
40 000 KZT
40 000 KZT
Includes a separate kitchen and dining area and a spacious terrace. The room has: kitchen, stove, refrigerator, large dining table, comfortable sleeping place for 5...
Holiday "Medeo" | Karkaralinsk
7 500 KZT
7 500 KZT
Located on the second floor with improved design has a shower, toilet, washbasin. Accommodation available on the terrace. There is a piece of furniture: -bed...
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Address and contact
Karkaralinsk, Karkaralinsk, 111 quarter
Object orient: Lake flank (the right of the holiday home Cascade)
Phone number