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Standard Superior (2-3 bed rooms) - hallway, 2-3 bed lorry, chairs, table, dresser, dress closet, bathroom with bath or shower cubicle. Rent TV's, refrigerators, household appliances * for a fee. * Home appliances - hair dryer, kettle, coffee maker, iron and ironing board. The cost of tours includes: 4 meals, accommodation, medical treatment (water Zhosalinskoy mineral water, mud silt mud of an ancient lake Karasor, massage, paraffin-ozokeritotherapy, acupuncture and other physiotherapy). Only in our sanatorium treatment procedures are conducted seven days a week (7 days)
shower cabin
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no pets
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Other room types
Sanatorium "Zhosaly" | Karkaralinsk
40 900 KZT
40 900 KZT
Junior Suite (2 rooms - family) - an entrance hall, 2 bed, quality linen, 2 chairs, table, 2 drawers, dress wardrobe, upholstered furniture, TV (cable...
Sanatorium "Zhosaly" | Karkaralinsk
14 900 KZT
14 900 KZT
Standard Room (2-D and 3 bed rooms) - entrance hall, 2 - 3 beds, chairs, table, nightstand, bedside tables, dress wardrobe, bathroom, shower. Rental TVs,...
Sanatorium "Zhosaly" | Karkaralinsk
49 900 KZT
49 900 KZT
Bridal (large 2-bed room - family) entrance hall, dress rack, a large 2-double bed, high quality linens, 2 bedside tables, furniture, vanity table with mirror,...
15 900 KZT
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Karkaralinsk, Karkaralinsk, booking: 11 Lenin st.
Object orient: Gagarin sq., 1st hospital
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