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Recreation Area

 Recreation Area Zhana Nur is on the northern coast of Kapchagay. In the recreation area of Jean Nur is a few houses three types of standard, standard plus, improved. The superior hot water and sanitary unit in the room. From entertainment to a recreation of Jean Nur has coffee shop, an outdoor swimming pool, a basketball court, a shop, pool, private beach (deck chairs, sun loungers), parking.


Prices for accommodation:

Accommodation with meals - 5000 tenge.

Accommodation on weekdays - 3000 tenge.

At the weekend - 5000 tenge per person.

The entrance to the beach + pool - 1000 tenge from person,

Car parking - 500 tenge.

Sit with your meal in the cafe - 500 tenge from person

Stats total: 46147
Stats month: 42
Stats week: 4
Stats today: 1
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Address and contact
Kapchagay, Kapchagay, the northern shore of Lake Kapchagai (15 km from the traffic police station on the route Almaty-Taldikorgan)
Object orient: the traffic police station on the route Almaty-Taldikorgan
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