Golden Sands Holiday Village | Kapchagai

Golden Sands Holiday Village | Kapchagai

 Golden Sands Holiday Village - located on one of the best sandy beaches with gently sloping sandy bottom. Most of the recreation planted with various trees and shrubs. Cottages and all the rest of the building directly buried in a sea of green poplars, pines, chestnuts, birches. Aroma of leaves and grass is the first thing you feel when you come here.


Cost of services:

Entry - 2000tg with passenger *

Cottages - from 7000 tenge per room

Apartment house apartment type - from 6000 tenge per room

Rides on the water (scooter, banana, bagel) - 700 tenge per person **

Rent of barbecue - 1000 tg

* If the number of persons in the car is more than 5, then every before. people - 500 n. Vans and buses - with everyone - 500 n

** Order attraction in 15-20 minutes, the prices depend on the type of attraction

Stats total: 53430
Stats month: 50
Stats week: 15
Stats today: 1
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Address and contact
Kapchagay, Kapchagay, Kapchagai, Boktek
Object orient: behind the boarding house "Altyn Emel"
Phone number