Guest House

Double room on the shore of Kapchagay

Double room on the shore of Kapchagay
Sleeping places
We provide clean, comfortable 2-bed rooms on the second floor with access to the terrace and a view of the lake in two minutes walk to the Real sandy beach. In the room: two separate beds with linen and towels, refrigerator, air conditioning, TV, satellite tv and mirror, etc. On the terrace there is an individual table and soft seats. We are located on the northern shore of Lake Kapchagai, a landmark crossing Bokter 10 km. From the dam and the traffic police post. Between the bases of Altyn Emel and Sunrise.
air conditioning
shower cabin
breakfast for extra payment
parking place
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6 000 KZT
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Address and contact
Kapchagay, Kapchagay, Green 1
Object orient: 10 km. From platinum and traffic police. Landmark crossing Bokter, the beach between the bases of Altyn Emel and Sunrise
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