Burabay. Holidays at Borovoe. Lakes in Burabay. Sights of Borovoe.

Today Borovoe or Burabay reserve-resort area is one of the most popular place for the rest of the citizens and guests of Kazakhstan. Every year more and more tourists from the CIS countries and visitors from all over the world come to "Little Switzerland" to swim in the pristine waters of the many lakes in this region and just to be closer to nature.

The oasis is located in the Akmola region, 270 km from Astana. Introduction to the history and culture of the Kazakh people can start with Glade Abylaikhan plains at the foot of the mountain Kokshe and a throne of the famous governor. You can stay at hotels, cabins, hostels and apartments of different price ranges on the lake, which you like more. The most popular is the lake Borovoe. This lake is the most photographed and recognizable because of the mountain Okzhetpes and rock Zhumbaktas, which are legendary. And on the east coast of Lake Borovoe don't forget to visit two more sightseeings - Kenesary's cave and mysterious grove of dancing birches. Lovers of fishing should go to the lake Shchuchye, Large and Small Chebache. Your catch and fishing process  with the spectacular views will give you only positive emotions. If you are madly in love to rest "savages" with songs by the fire, away from the crowd of people and closer to the inhabitants of the forest - come to the Lake Big Chebache or on a small remote lake. Coming in Borovoe, you immediately feel the healing charms of this place, breathing in the smell of pine needles and swimming in the waters of spring.

You can try yourself as a climber and just enjoy the beauty and power of nature. Lay away your business and visit Burabay, and you'll discover not only Kazakhstan, but also yourself in a new way! 

How to get:

  • by own machine on the highway to Shchuchinsk. Paid entrance in the amount of 200 tg

  • by minibus or taxi from Astana of 2500 tg

  • by electric train "Astana-Shchuchinsk". The cost of 1500 tg from the person. Transit time about 3 hours. It goes daily in the morning and in the evening. And then you need to get a taxi to place where you will stay. It is possible to purchase tickets online or in railway cash desks.


Cost of entertainments and additional services:

  • Rent a bicycle - from 500 tg/h

  • Rent ATV - from 6000 tg / h

  • Lease of the boat - of 1500 tg(30 min.)

  • Lease of the twin hull craft - of 1800tg (30 min.)

  • Trip on inflatable banana - 1000 tg

  • Photo with wild birds - from 500 tg

  • Guide tours- from 1200 to 6000 тг

  • Sauna  in hotel or in the city - from 2000 to 10000 tg / h

  • Discos and night clubs - 500 tg

    Medical procedures:

  • Cedar barrel-2000 tg for procedure

  • The salt damp room - 500 tg / h

  • Mud applications - 300 tg  for piece


12 things in Burabay to do:

 галочка To discover the district by bicycle

 галочка To feel wind force in the Grove of the dancing birches in park 

 галочка To spend vacation away from a civilization at a camp in the wood near the lake Big Chebachye

 галочкаTo feel part of this world in the Museum of the nature and a zoo

 галочка To go a pedestrian route on a slope of mountains and to enjoy tremendous types

 галочка To try curative properties of drink of nomads - koumiss

 галочка To swim by the boat on the lake Borovoe and to make a photo with  one of the main sights of the resort- is the rock  Zhumbaktas

 галочка To visit a local market and to acquire there local food, for example sea-buckthorn juice or fresh fish

 галочка At visiting of The Abylaykhan glade to reach a throne, to make a wish and to bypass it 7 times. Your desire will surely come true!

 галочка To gorge on natural Kokshetau ice cream for whole year

галочка To visit the unique Kazakhstan Lapland- residence of Santa Claus

галочка To climb the mountain on the way to Kenesary' cave and possibly meet squirrels, rabbits and elk

Abylaikhan Glade in Burabay. Abylaikhan throne in Borovoe. Kymyzkhana and the ethnic cuisine Abylaikhan Glade in Burabay.

Tourist should begin meeting the Burabay with the historical Abylaikhan field, through which the road runs around the lake Borovoe. This scenic spot is located at the foot of the mountain Kokshe. In the center of the field there is a high monument, which was erected in the 280th anniversary of Ablai Khan's birth and among the pines there is hidden the granite throne of the great ruler. This place is unique also because there is a special microclimate and UV rays contribute to the rejuvenation of the body in this area.

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Sacred Lake of Burabay - Auliekol. Public beach at Burabay Lake. Sights of Burabay Lake.

Lake Borovoe or Auliekol (holy lake) is one of the largest lakes in the system of Kokshetau lakes. Here it is possible to be content much with swimming in the transparent refreshing water, with a sandy or stony bottom, and also to walk in the coniferous wood which has surrounded all surface of the water. Water and air have healing properties. The lake has gulfs and on the bank of one of them the mountain Okzhetpes is located. As it is on the lake Borovoe settled most popular public beach and a large secure parking for your car.

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The deepest lake Borovoye - Shchuchye lake

The lake Shchuchye is the deepest lake in this district and Schuchinsk city is located on it's southwest. For lovers of active recreation there are water entertainments here, and for adherents of passive - the sandy beach with all conveniences. Rest on the lake Shchuchye will favorably influence work of your lungs, a stomach and cardiovascular system. You can enjoy medical and improving services in sanatorium "Shchuchinsky", "Green pine forest", or take place in hotel or holiday home.

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Big Lake Chebache , fishing and hiking

In 16 km to the North from the city of Shchuchinsk there is another one pure lake Big Chebachye . His feature is existence of a set of gulfs which have gracefully cut up the coastline and small islands.ou should arrive to this lake if you like unique and wild rest if you want to lay own unforgettable route.

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Mountain Okzhetpes and stone Zhumbaktas in Burabay

The real decoration and the hallmark of the lake Borovoe is the mountain Okzhetpes. Probably, each tourist will have a photo with this mountain. It towers on height about 300 m and bewitches all tourists. According to the legend, several young men fought for heart of the young girl, but she got on the mountain and told that she will marry that whose arrow will reach her.

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Kenesary Cave in Borovoye. The path to the cave.

Coming in Borovoe, Kenesary Kasymov's cave should be the obligatory place of visit. Kenesary khan was born on this place and liked to be engaged in hunting therefore he often spent the night among the wood and mountains in a small cave. From a glade of Abylaykhan or the mountain Okzhetpes it is possible to walk independently on a forest track. On your way on the southern coast of the lake Borovoe you will meet majestic and sometimes amusing boulders, the rock the Bastion , and be not surprised if by you will  run herd of elks or will gallop a family of hares. 

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Museum of the nature and zoo

In the museum of the nature of Burabay national park you will get acquainted with representatives of flora and fauna of a reserved zone, many of which are brought in the Red List. It is located at 38 Kenesary str. in Borovoe settlement, works daily from 10:00 till 18:30, except Monday. Cost - 600 tg. Representatives of fauna will be presented to your attention: mammals, predators, birds, insects.

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Kazakhstan Lapland in the Rixos Borovoe

Visiting Borovoe will be amazing in winter for everyone. You will be pleasantly surprised that in Kazakhstan there is own residence of Santa Claus. It isn't necessary to go to Finland for plunge into the fairy tale. You just need to arrive to the northern coast of the lake Shchuchye to "Rixos Borovoe" hotel.

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Weather in Burabai. Therapy Air.

Massif, clean coniferous air and medical evaporations create a special microclimate. Mountains of Burabay protect from strong wind, and due to them the summer not such hot in resort, as in other territory of the country. Despite a weather forecast, always take with yourself additional warm or easy clothes as climate in Kazakhstan sharp and continental.

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The best rest with Rixos Borovoe

For having a rest outdoors with five-stars service, it isn't necessary to go abroad. On the coast of the lake Shchuchye there is the Rixos Borovoe hotel where you will be able to have a rest with comfort. Hotel surrounded with birchwoods and a pinery has 200 lakefront rooms. At your disposal there will be cozy numbers with the first-class service, baths, a fitness studio, the Spa-center, the indoor pool, massage offices, beauty shop, conference rooms, the indoor pool, playgrounds, kitchen of the different people and the spacious parking.

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The dancing birches and Imanayev falls

In park near the settlement Borovoe there is one more place obligatory for visit. Several legends about the Grove of  dancing birches go in the people. Whether it is girls who sang and danced in white dresses and have stiffened, having been frightened of the khan, whether it is wind forced to be bent trunks of trees. The birchwood is already beautiful and when you feel spirit and know secrets of this place, you won't want to leave.

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Nature observation desk - Bolektau mountain in Borovoe

It is not necessary to conquer the highest peaks to enjoy a bird's-eye view of the Borovoe. It is enough to rise on Bolektau mountain by only 147 meters, and the most tremendous panorama will open. The nature wonderfully has created the real review area as if specially attracting people to enjoy all beauty of edge. From this area the view of the lakes Borovoe and Big Chebachye, the rock Zhumbaktas, the mountain Okzhetpes and the Blue gulf opens.

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