Family Fun Center "Sunflowers fault"

Family Fun Center
DISCOUNTS !!! On weekdays, discounts of 10%! The family recreation center "Sunflowers KZ" is located near the cleanest lake Shchuchye (400 m), in the protected forest zone (in the morning you can see the roe deer at the watering hole). Warm House "Rainbow" with a stove-Holland! Two-room warm house, inside the kitchen, equipped with everything necessary, toilet, shower. Parking for motor vehicles, brazier, fireplace. We offer additional services in san. Shchuchin - food (or 3 times a day, or only lunch), swimming pool, sauna, treatment, excursions. We are waiting for you! P.S. If you write a review with questions, please leave your e-mail for an answer. P.P.S If you have already rested with us, please leave your feedback.
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Family Fun Center "Sunflowers fault"
7 000 KZT
7 000 KZT
On the ground floor inside the house there is a bunk bed, table, wardrobe. Separated kitchen - dining room with cooking utensils, cutlery; bathroom, shower...
Family Fun Center "Sunflowers fault"
7 000 KZT
7 000 KZT
House in the reserve, in a pine forest, not far from the purest spring lake Shchuchye (in the morning you can see the deer at...
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Burabay resort zone, San. Shuchinskyi, Priozernaya 8
Object orient: san. Shchuchin on the fence painted Niusha
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