Guest house "Tulpar"

Guest house
Guest house "Tulpar" is located in the center of the village Borovoe. Houses made of natural wood with all amenities are in 500 meters from the lake. What could be better for a solitary family vacation or the pastime of a small group of friends. Accommodation: The guest house is a complex of small wooden log cabins consisting of a small terrace at the entrance, a bedroom and a bathroom. The guests have all the amenities, each room has a shower with cold and hot water. Each house is designed for comfortable accommodation of 3-5 people. The cost of living per day: 10 000 - 15 000 Territory: Has a large fenced yard, which has parking for cars, a cafe, a brazier, a kazan, a sauna, a children's playground and a large area for outdoor recreation. We are waiting for you at any time to the address: pos. Borovoye Str. Steppe 11a. For accommodation and additional information, please call: +7 701 221 59 09 +7 701 218 80 22
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Children's playground
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Address and contact
Burabay resort zone, Kenesary st., n. Borovoye, st. Steppe 11a
Object orient: Alymusins street
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