Гостевой дом " Ag Qaiyn. Ак - кайын"

Гостевой дом

Dear residents and guests of Shchuchinsk - Borovoye resort zone. We invite You to our elite mansion, which is built of Siberian pine, without a single nail. The ecological balance of the tree is not able to outperform any single building material.
It is located in a wooded area, surrounded by birches and pines on all sides. Be near the lakes Shchuchye and Borovoe, Spa area, Lapland-residence of Santa Claus, hotel Rixos Borovoe.
In our cottage You can hold any event: birthday, kudalyk, anniversary and just meet friends.
The mansion consists of 3 levels: 6 bedrooms with orthopedic mattresses, 2 bathrooms. kitchen, large hall, modern furniture, spacious kitchen with new dishes, all appliances, warm garage for 2 cars, barbecue, cauldron, large equipped Parking area. There is a security area.
And all this in a quiet and cozy place with crystal clear air.
We will be glad to meet you!

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Address and contact
Burabay resort zone, Shuche's lake, 24
Object orient: Shchuchinsk
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