Family club "Razdolie"

Family club

It offers three well-appointed comfortable cottage, where everything is thought out and prepared for the rest.
 Cottage "Malina" (up to 10 people) is a two-level house with a glazed veranda with 5 bedrooms. Separately located Grill House.
Cottage "Sweet" can comfortably accommodate up to 6 guests in 3 bedrooms, and equipped to "sweeten" the kitchen guests can prepare their culinary delights!
House "Rakhat" with grill area inside.
Convenient layout Cottages provides a comfortable environment for leisure friendly company, as well as family-friendly.
Next to each cottage: a spacious gazebo, benches, grill for cooking barbecue on an open fire.
Skewers, grill and grill utensils are provided free of charge staying in cottages on demand.
 We try to make your stay as comfortable as possible, and therefore offer a wide range of additional services:
- Russian bath on birch wood complete with a brand herbal tea (2000 KZT / hour)
- Excursions
- Children's playground with swings and a slide, a children's room
- Equipped kitchen, gazebo with all facilities for cooking and recreation
- Parking

Street parking
Children's playground
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Family club "Razdolie"
25 000 KZT
25 000 KZT
This year, the "Delight" as major repairs were carried out, which resulted in the cottage now consists of 3 rooms, each of which can comfortably...
Family club "Razdolie"
30 000 KZT
30 000 KZT
On the second floor 2 comfortable bedroom in a romantic style, the walls of which are covered with an elegant cloth. Also on the second...
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