"Ak Bulak" hotel | Burabai

The hotel is situated in a quiet location Borovoy away from traffic noise. Prior Lake Borovoe - 5 minutes walk. Comfortable clean rooms. It offers a sauna (dry steam), excursions.
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"Ak Bulak" hotel | Burabai
25 000 KZT
25 000 KZT
The cozy two-room suite with bathroom otdyha- plasma TV, comfortable furniture and a bedroom with 2 double bed. Accommodation with breakfast for two persons -...
"Ak Bulak" hotel | Burabai
16 000 KZT
16 000 KZT
Room for 2 persons. In a room with 2 double bed, wardrobe, curbstone under the TV, TV, telephone, kettle, tea steam. A bathroom with shower,...
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Address and contact
Burabay resort zone, Str. Sovetskaya, Sovetskaya 6/1
Object orient: attached to a 5-storey building, near the cafe "Asia", cafe " Taranchi"
Phone number
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