Sanatorium Bura

Sanatorium Bura
It is located on the island of Shchuchye in the pine forest. Recommended for those who like peace and quiet. From the complex to the beach there is 5 minutes walk, forest is nearby. This cozy, comfortable sanatorium is perfect for those who appreciate peace and tranquility during the holidays. The rooms have a TV, refrigerator, hot and cold water, a bathroom. Laundry and sauna services are available for a fee. The building of the hotel is located in the immediate vicinity of the shores of the picturesque Lake Shchuchye - a favorite holiday destination for many tourists from around the world. The local curative, incredibly clean air, saturated with the aroma of herbs, wildflowers and coniferous forest, combined with stunning beauty landscapes, which literally captures the spirit, can conquer the hearts of even adventurous travelers who are difficult to surprise, and the unique climate of these places helps to restore strength and strengthen the body. Guests are offered a choice of cozy rooms of various categories, that is, for every taste and purse. There is a bar, a café and a private sauna on site. The cost of accommodation also includes a complex meal (4 times a day).
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Burabay resort zone, Shuche's lake, Borovoe Resort, the village Health Resort Shchuchinsky
Object orient: Sanatorium Shchuchinsky
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